What is a Digital Strategy


A digital strategy is the same as any other business marketing startegy except its in a online environment. A good digital strategy’s main advantage is leverage.

Leverage of time, reach and with a strong cost to profit ratio to boot.

Basically digital is going off for many small business owners who embrace it in the right way.

There are numerous approaches to conducting digital strategy, but at their core, all go through four steps:

1. identifying the opportunities and challenges in a business where a online solution can utilised.
2. identifying the unmet needs and goals of the customers that most closely align with those key business opportunities and/or challenges;
3. developing a vision around how the online solution will fulfill those business and customer needs, goals, opportunities and challenges, and
4. prioritizing a set of online initiatives which can deliver on this vision.

A smart small business owner today understands the power of digital and its intricasies, so they call in an expert company to oversee all digital initiatives so the project has a control point and cots can in fact be minimised.

With the correct digital strategy the digital agencies fees should not even be an issue because digital works on a R.O.I. model and has a huge upside by minimising wasted marketing budget. In fact a good digital agency should make you money, and save you some money in the process also.

With all the different platforms available for online marketing such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs, Email and that is just the tip of this iceberg. A small business owner doesn’t have the time to understand all these platforms and doesn’t have the experience to know whether they would really work for their business.

The Small Business Digital Strategy Blue Print:

What a small business needs to consider about their online activities!

What do I want my website to do?

What do I want my social medias to do?

How is this web application going to impact my business?

How do I create and implement my content strategy?

What do I want my email marketing to do?

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What you will discover is how a digital strategy can help your business, we will conduct a careful analysis of your business by gathering information about your business, provided by you.

Then our Creative team will go away and do a strategy meeting and literally a brain dump of all the opportunities and business challenges that can be solved digitally.

Then we get back together and I will take you through our blueprint for your business.

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