Content Marketing

content marketingHow to sell a product or service without selling:

This is the holy grail of web marketing, sure sometimes its OK to sell and sell hard sometimes, but the days of pitching to everyone you talk to is over.

The fact is people don’t like being sold too all the time, so this is where content marketing can be a winning formula.

Content marketing is about showing off your knowledge or skills but not by broadcasting it to everyone you see and interact with. The goal is to have a good product or service that solves a big problem, then create some content which explains how it works and how it can help, then show people some clients it has helped and let the medias do the selling for you.

Content Marketing should be viewed as the foundation for all marketing communications, people don’t need the hard sell or pushy sales strategies. They have the product knowledge and they know the comparative products or services available. What they want is to make the right decision for their needs.

You think about how you make purchasing decisions especially when you are comparing similar products you compare and ask questions about comparison products, you want information not hard selling here, and its pretty certain anyone hard selling in this environment will lose the sale.

The internet has given all the power back to the customer so the days of selling 100% of the time is gone. You need to deliver good quality relevant content and interact with your market and use content to empower your customers and let them choose which product is best for them.

All of our content creation has content marketing as a core foundation as in our testing it has proven to be the best form of content for sales and conversions alike.