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Using Lifetime Value Calculation to Grow your Business & Dominate your Competition

Creating Life Time Value

What is life time value? (LTV) The Lifetime Value Calculation

In a nutshell life time value is the value that a business places on its customers. Some businesses have customer segments where they may have 3 types of customers in each with a certain amount of life time value. For example top level, middle level and bottom level.

As a rule you treat your top level customers the best by spending more to retain them than you would say a bottom level customer.

Lifetime value is important for two main reasons as it can show a business owner where they have opportunities to grow their business. Continue Reading



Email Marketing in Adelaide ?

Email-MarketingDoes email marketing work?

In a nutshell business owners, Yes!

But a better question would be…How do I use email in my business as a marketing strategy so I can make more money and sales?

And I am going to cover that in this lesson packed post, but firstly let’s look at why email marketing works so well as a business tool, and why businesses are embracing it with both arms wide open. Continue Reading