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How Can You Make Search Engine Marketing work for your business in Adelaide?

An effective Search Engine Marketing campaign involves the proper use of search engines in building up or promoting your business to attract attention and traffic to it.  You need to put your business at the top of search results pages.

What is the best S.E.M./P.P.C. platform?                                    

As there are several P.P.C. platforms in the industry, let us compare three of the most widely used:

Bing.  This search engine, owned by M.S.N., is easy to manage and is being used by Windows and most PCs as default browser.  But still this does not secure its leadership in the search engine war.  It does not have as much users as the two top search engines do.

Yahoo!.  This search engine is powered by Bing and also serves the M.S.N. adCenter, now known as Bing Ads.  Although very popular and is the closest rival of Google, it cannot compete with Google’s reputation as the best search engine there is. Google has market share in P.P.C. advertising and the most exposure, but the others offer results also.

Google.   If you want to get ahead and be on top, Google is where you want your product and brand to be seen.  With Google AdWords, your ads can be visible not only in Google but also in its search network partners:, Netscape, and A.O.L. search.

Google offers the most cost-effective way to advertise, ensuring wide visibility at the least possible cost.  Account management becomes smooth and effortless with the help of a professional Google AdWords campaign manager.

At Konnect Marketing we utilise all P.P.C. platforms to drive traffic to your business website, which also incorporates the latest reporting and analytical tools available to make sure your P.P.C. budget is working the hardest it can, and to minimise wasted dollars.

Its simple if you are a business in Adelaide South Australia as all you need to do is get in touch, but we also offer services nationally and internationally. Speak to one of our Internet Marketing Managers today.

But it doesn’t stop there, we also focus on conversion optimisation on your website so you are maximising the opportunities to convert this traffic into customers or sales. An effective P.P.C. campaign is monitored and over time all wasted dollars are minimised by tightening your strategy.

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