The Business

small-business-ownerIt wasn’t that long ago that a digital agency did not exist. We were a web design company that did new websites. But in todays world of digital it is completely different.

We all new digital marketing would grow as older forms of advertising were taken over by digital technologies available today. Its a given that digital is here to stay and no longer is it just about websites. Websites are still an important part of a businesses digital profile but they are only one part of it.

Over the years at Konnect Marketing we have watched our industry go through some major changes and new industries emerge as technology gets better and cheaper.

No longer is it only the domain of the big corporate being able to harness the power of the internet, we see everyday small to medium enterprises using the internet to take their business to all new levels, by embracing some of the technologies that have proven themselves to be a way for a business to grow.

At Konnect Marketing we only embrace technologies that actually are getting results and we will never waste our clients time or money on technologies that we believe wont net a result for our clients. Business is tough enough with out having to guess about what will work and what will not work.

That is why all of our strategies are backed up by data which allows us to make educated assumptions about results and ultimately return on investment for our clients. We only work from case studies so we can get an expectation of the kind of results we can get.

The services we offer are broad and diverse but they all serve a purpose and based on what our clients goals are will determine which one and how many of them we will use.

Our Services Include:

If you have specific needs for your busienss then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch here.